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Class lists (names only) from eight decades are now available below. That amounts to 5133 student names, dating from 1920 through 1994. These lists are organized by class year.  The last Rhet class was 1966.

After that we had College and High School graduations. The first College graduating class was in 1969 and the last College class was in 1994. The first High School graduating class was in 1965 and the last High School Class was in 1982. If you did not graduate, you are put in the highest class you would have graduated with. If you went to High School and even part of the College, you will be put in the College class you would have graduated with and will not appear in the High School class you graduated with. (That is just a quirk in the system.)

Most of the names were obtained from SJC records with the help of Virginia Sullivan some years ago. It is very possible that some are missing. The Association maintains a database with contact information for many of our alums, but not all. If you need to contact someone, contact Mark Wandro by clicking on the Envelope icon above.

The St. Joseph's College structure was destroyed in the 1989 earthquake.

Please send questions, comments, and suggestions or any additional information to: Mark Wandro by clicking on the Envelope icon (Contacts) at the top, right-hand corner of this page.


      Rhet from the 1920s
       Rhet from the 1930s
       Rhet from the 1940s
       Rhet from the 1950s
       Rhet from the 1960s
      College from 1969 and the 1970s
      College from the 1980s
      College from the 1990s
      High School from the 1960s
      High School from the 1970s
      High School from the 1980s
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