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Note: The contents of this page have changed.
The article previously on this page described Alumni Day 2001. This article was being used as a place holder beginning when this web site was originally designed. The article has been moved over into the Newsletter section of this website (where it really belongs).

So, in the future, you will find...

(1) articles written abour our reunions by clicking the Newsletter tab at the top of this (or any other) page, and

(2) any pictures taken during our reunions will be placed in Our Photo Gallery, which you can click on at the bottom of this page.

(3) Here's a third, almost parenthetical possibility: if a person writes a memoir, or delivers a memoir speech at a reunion, then I would post this in the Memoir section of this web page. This could be with, or without, pictures. To see this you would click the above Memoirs tab.

I hope so!

Photo Gallery