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Confessions of a Serial Celibate: Mysteries from an Irish Catholic Rosary Book One: The Joyful Mysteries

By J. G. McAllister (Greg, R'61)

Paperback: September, 2003
Publisher: 1stBooks Library, 1-601-987-4899
ISBN: 1-4107-6013-8

Greg McAllister BookIn 1958, after the death of Pius XII and the unforeseen election of Guiseppe Roncalli as his successor, a revolutionary change began to rock the Catholic Church.  Young seminarians who were studying for the priesthood during that time were profoundly affected by the radical changes initiated by Pope John XXIII and also by the often- virulent opposition from other members of the hierarchy.   Confessions of a Serial Celibate is the account of one such seminarian whose life was profoundly transformed during those turbulent days.  With poignant wit and honesty, the author describes his sometimes painful journey of faith, from the security of rules and dogma, to the ambiguities of social concern, and eventually to the freedom of laughter and detachment. Central to this journey is the author’s gradual recognition of what he calls the “Catholic Operating System,” that underlying behavioral program which has determined the thoughts and actions of Catholics for the last seventeen hundred years.

Anyone who has begun to perceive a discrepancy between organized religion and his or her own spiritual values will find Confessions of a Serial Celibate a stimulating and enjoyable read. 

About Greg McAllister

J. G. McAllister is a native of northern California, who entered a Catholic seminary at age sixteen and left nine years later at age twenty-five.  His seminary tenure coincided with the reign of Pope John XXIII, whose ideas sparked a period of revolutionary change in the Catholic Church.  Those were years of turbulent idealism for seminarians, the “Joyful Mysteries” of  McAllister’s Irish Catholic rosary. 

After leaving the seminary as a deacon in 1966, he has worked as a college instructor, bartender, restaurant manager, truck driver, career and education counselor, and tuition benefits administrator.  He has two children, Elan Vital and Shane, and presently resides on the East Coast in a small cottage near a pond.