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Graduation Class Pictures:
       Rhetoric Class of 1951
       Rhetoric Class of 1957
       Rhetoric Class of 1959
       Rhetoric Class of 1960
       Rhetoric Class of 1961
Notes: These graduation picture plates open in a window that contains a zoom feature. It is expressed in terms of a percentage and your initial view depends upon the settings in your computer. Change the zoom level to 100 or 125 percent and your view will improve. Also notice that the picture opens in your browser window. So when you are done viewing, click the back (or return) button. If you click "close" you will be closing your browser window.

Student Activities 1942-1943-1944    (John Cannon, Rhet'44)

Sports Pictures 1942-1943-1944    (John Cannon, Rhet'44)

Rhetoric Class of 1952    (Bob Gorman)

Class of 1953 Student Activities    (Loren Dwyer)

Rhetoric Class of 1953, Graduation Pictures    (Loren Dwyer)

Rhetoric Class of 1955    (A photo from John "Jack" Henson)

Rhetoric Class of 1960    (Rev. Jerry Kennedy)

Rhetoric Class of  1961    (Paul Feyen)

Rhetoric Class of 1962    (Don Broderson)

Rhetoric Class of 1963    (Dan Folliard)

Rhetoric Class of 1963    (John Gisla and Bill Wall)

Rhetoric Class of 1963    (John Flynn)

High School Class of 1973    (Phil Murphy)

Alumni Days of the 1980s    (John Ravnik)

Alumni Day - 2001

Alumni Day - 2002

Alumni Day - 2010 Including 50th reunion pictures from the R'1960 class

Alumni Day - 2011

Day of Recollection 2001    (John Ravnik)

Day of Recollection 2014    (Chuck Smith)

Monument Dedication Ceremony and Celebration Luncheon, 9/17/2010   
(Barbara and Chuck Smith)

We are indebted to a number of former students who have supplied the photographs that are contained in this picture gallery. In fact, all of the artwork that you see on the various pages of this web site comes from these old (historic?) pictures. Some of these pictures were even developed and printed by avid student photographers who used the school’s darkroom facility. We also thank individuals who discovered old photographs in the school archives; pictures of Saint Joseph’s College that were taken in the 1920s and 1930’s.

So a very special “thank you” goes out to: Don Broderson R’1962, Bruce Burgondy R’1959, John Cannon R’1944, Pat Cloherty R’1964, Kevin Connolly R’1959, Bob Del Tredici R’1959, Loren Dwyer R’1953, Paul Feyen R’1961, Dan Folliard R’1963, John Gisla R’1963, Bob Gorman R’1952, Rev. Jerry Kennedy R’1960, Jim Murphy R’1964, Phil Murphy HS'1973, John Ravnik R’1959, and Chuck Smith R’1960. Bill Wall R’1963,

Up until now (February 2010) we have not given credit to the people who have taken the photographs of our school. They were a part of a large pool of "student photographers" and we have kept them anonymous. This no longer makes sense. People who write articles have their names displayed with their written work. So we should also attach the names of the photographers to their picture collections. I hope that this is OK with everybody. So, when I can, and when I know, I will attach a name to any photo album at this web site. I do not want to overlook any of our student shutterbugs, so please let me know if I have not given appropriate credit, or if I should mention any other student photographer.

We really do appreciate all of these pictures that you have made available and shared with the rest of us. These are wonderful memories! If we have missed thanking anybody here, please send us a quick note by clicking on the contact "envelope" icon above (at the top uppermost right hand corner of this page), and send an email to Chuck Smith. Thank you!!!