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Vol. VIII    June 10, 1953    No. XIV

It's hard to believe, hut another year is just about over, and with it ends also our sports year. Every part of the season offered lots of action and good playing. I noticed this year, too, that more students participated in sports. Some of whom I had never before seen playing sports went down, and played with their teams. The captains and coaches were one of the main reasons for this. They encouraged students who had never before tried out for a team and were also very good about seeing to it that everyone got a. chance to play Now, let's look at it from the scoring standpoint. First was softball. The Ramblers edged out the Indians by three quarters of a point for first place; the Trojans were third, and the Bears, first. Then came soccer. This time, the Indians came out on top, ahead of the second-place Bears by two and a half points; the Ramblers and Trojans tied for third. This put the Indians ahead three and three-eighths points for the year. The other teams came in, in this order: Bears, Ramblers, and Trojans. Basketball followed soccer, with the Trojans coming out first, Ramblers second, Indians third, and Bears last. The Ramblers took track, three points ahead of the second place Trojans, the Bears were third, and the Indians last. The Trojans were then three points ahead of the Ramblers; the Indians were third, the Bears last. And then baseball. Since baseball isn't over at this writing, I can't really tell you who is going to come out on top. The Trojans are doing pretty well, though. By now, I think that they are well out in front of everyone else. The Ramblers look pretty good in swimming, but it's going to take an awful lot to overtake the Trojans now. Well, I guess that sums it up pretty well. So long from the sports department.
Gerald Nurre
Near the end of the year, it's always pleasant to look back on things we have enjoyed during the year. Let's look back, then, on the events in this year's senior league In softball, the Indians took first place, with the Bears, Trojans, and Ramblers finishing in that order. In soccer, the Bears had a sensational team and easily took first, the Ramblers came up to take second place, the Indians dropped to third, and the Trojans finish last. In basketball, the Trojans caught fire and grabbed first place, with the Bears taking second, and the Indians and Ramblers tying for last. The Trojans were still holding on to first place at the end of track season, with the Ramblers Bears and Indians trailing in that order. No one can tell what the outcome of the remaining sports, baseball and swimming, will be. Who knows what will happen in a league that has been as close and exciting as this year's senior league?
Edward O'Brien
Another year of sports in the junior division goes down in Saint Joseph's annals Let's look back and see how each team did. Since it would be hard to figure out just what team did best, we might use the following system: since there are four places to be taken in each sport, we can give the number of points which each team deserves according to the place it took. Then, if the Indians had taken first place in every sport (6 sports), they would have six points; if they had taken second in all, twelve; and so on. According to this system, the Trojans came out on top with a. terrific nine-point job. Next, the Ramblers, with ten. The Bears are next, with twenty; and last, the Indians, with twenty-one. Here's who took first in each sport: In softball, the Ramblers; in soccer, the Trojans in basketball, the Trojans; in track, the Ramblers; in baseball, the Trojans; in swimming, the Ramblers The places for the whole year again: Trojans, Ramblers Bears, Indians.
Peter Kovacevich
Though there were many upsets in the freshman division this year, there was not a. single upset, which was a. decisive one. In almost every sport, each team took the place in the standings that everyone had expected. The team that piled up the most points was the Ramblers, who, the whole year long, took nothing less than a second place. Next in line came the Trojans, who had firsts and seconds all year, except for a third place in soccer. The Indians, in almost every sport, won a third place spot. The Bears consistently throughout the whole year fought for and won always a fourth place. With the material they had, they could do no better. The only rivalry in this division was that between the Ramblers and Trojans the whole year, with the Ramblers finally coming out on top. All in all, it was not an exciting year, but it was hard-fought. The final outcome was: Ramblers first; Trojans second; Indians third, and Bears, fourth.
Walter Freitas
With only a few games of baseball and the swimming meet remaining, the rampaging peanut leagues are almost at a. close. Four sports were competed in by each team so far this year - soft- ball, soccer, basketball, and track. Let's look back to these sports and see how each team in this "red hot" league has fared during the year. In softball, the Ramblers and Indians fought bitterly for the lead but finished in a deadlock, with four wins and two losses. The Bears and the Trojans came in third and fourth, respectively. Then came soccer. This time, the Indians had to fight hard to keep slightly ahead of the Bears, who were followed closely by the Trojans and the Ramblers. The long, grinding season of "Hoop" ball was next. In this sport, the Bears easily conquered with their oversized monsters of the court. The Trojans and Injuns tied for second, while the Ramblers again hit the last spot. The Bears went on to take the league in track. Second came the Ramblers, with the Trojans third, and the Indians last. After track, the clubs started practice for baseball. And so far it looks like another Bear first, with the Ramblers, Trojans, and Indians right behind them. Now let's look ahead to swimming. I predict the teams will finish in this order: Bears, Ramblers, Indians, Trojans. That takes care of the peanut league. Now, on to the freshman loop!
Daniel Von Krakau

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